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Top 16 Historic Landmarks in Kansas

Located in the heart of the country, Kansas became a state as a result of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Its early days included settlement by pioneers, cattle drives, and streams of settlers for westward expansion. Kansas also played a critical role in the Civil War. Later, Kansas was the first state to prohibit alcohol […]

Top 15 Places to Get Married in Kansas

Planning a wedding is a monumental event that you may have been dreaming about for years. Now that the time to start preparing for your big day has arrived, you may be excited to start turning all of your grand ideas into firm plans. However, before you can get too deeply involved in your wedding […]

The Top 12 Can’t-Miss Scenic Drives in Kansas

What could be more beautiful than a place where the sky is blue, cool breezes blow, and a view that takes your breath away? As you drive through Kansas, there’s a lot more to see than farmlands, sunflowers, and straight roads. Kansas has rolling hills, lush grasslands, prairies, lakes, and unusual rock formations. If you […]

10 Waterfalls to Visit in Kansas

With Topeka as its capital, Kansas became a state opened to settlement in 1854 with the passing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The state facilitated some groundbreaking movements such as the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, a case that was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States. It is also known for […]

The 10 Best Small Towns in Kansas

Kansas was the 34th state to join the union when its statehood was granted in 1861. However, it was initially inhabited by Native Americans. The first cities emerged with the railroad stations and military posts made to protect them. A large population that moved was incentivized by the cheap land and the construction of these […]

Is Kansas a no-fault car insurance state?

The average driver in Kansas doesn’t likely know all the differences between no-fault state insurance rules and tort state regulations. Drivers simply purchase “good” insurance to protect themselves from financial repercussions after an accident. Understanding the difference between fault and no-fault auto insurance could prove helpful when filing a claim. If you live in Kansas […]

Driving Without Insurance in Kansas

If you live in Kansas, carrying auto insurance is the law. As long as you own a vehicle that’s registered in your name, it’s your legal responsibility to comply with mandatory liability insurance laws in the Sunflower State. Failing to carry auto insurance could land you in hot water with both the local courts and […]

Cheap Car Insurance in Kansas

Careful drivers usually avoid accidents and collision on the road. Even the most careful driver, unfortunately, cannot completely avoid every type of car trouble. Vehicles can suffer breakdowns, leaving drivers stuck on a lonely stretch of Kansas road. Kansas also faces tornado risks capable of totaling a car. Kansas residents may put their worries to […]

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