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Top 15 Places to Get Married in Kansas

Here's what you need to know...
  • The average cost of a Kansas wedding is less than half of the average national cost of a wedding
  • Kansas has numerous charming wedding venues that are ideal for any wedding theme or style
  • Getting married could qualify you for lower auto insurance rates, so you should update your marital status with your car insurance provider

Planning a wedding is a monumental event that you may have been dreaming about for years. Now that the time to start preparing for your big day has arrived, you may be excited to start turning all of your grand ideas into firm plans.

However, before you can get too deeply involved in your wedding planning efforts, you need to decide where you will get married. Many aspects of wedding planning hinge on the venue where you will host the ceremony and reception.

Some couples want to get married close to home, and others have a destination wedding in mind. For all types of wedding plans, a smart idea is to get married in Kansas.

The average wedding cost in this state is $15,874 in comparison to the national average cost of $35,329.

In addition to cost, Kansas has numerous exceptional wedding venues that are ideal for hosting your wedding and reception at, and a closer look at some of the most popular places to get married in Kansas may open your eyes to the incredible possibilities available to you.

If you’re looking at traveling to Kansas for your wedding, enter your ZIP code above first and compare at least three to four policies today to ensure you’re fully covered!

Top 15 Places to Get Married in Kansas

While some couples have a rustic, chic, or contemporary wedding in mind, others want to plan a more unique or personalized event that showcases their individuality. Finding the right venue to host your event at can seem tricky, but you can streamline the process by focusing on top venues from the start.

Regardless of the type of event that you have in mind, consider exploring some of these options in greater detail.

#15 — Circle S Ranch & Country Inn

Cost: $8,000 to $10,000
Setting: Rustic, vintage ranch and barn
Accommodates: 400 guests

Circle S Ranch and Country Inn is located on a 600-acre ranch near Lawrence. The impressive grounds feature sweeping views of rolling hills as well as towering, mature trees that provide ample shade.

You can choose to get married outdoors or indoors the rustic barn that can be decorated to suit your plans. Circle S Ranch and Country Inn provides alcohol and catering in the wedding package that you select.

#14 — ABODE Venue

Cost: $3,250 to $5,500
Setting: A beautiful event center with a loft
Accommodates: 300 guests

Situated in the heart of Wichita, the ABODE Venue is a classic, sophisticated event center that is ideal for an indoor wedding any time of year. It features a huge ballroom-style event space that has been well-decorated with walnut wood accent features, grand ceilings, and romantic lighting.

While alcohol is provided through the event center, couples will need to hire their own caterer when hosting a wedding at the ABODE Venue.

#13 — Thompson Barn

Cost: $400 to $2,400
Setting: Indoor and outdoor historic farmhouse with rustic charm
Accommodates: 200 guests

Thompson Barn is a gorgeous special events venue located in Lenexa, and it boasts exposed brick walls on the interior with warm wood tones and beams across the ceiling.

Thompson Barn is a historic farmhouse that has adequate space for both indoor and outdoor venues, including a charming garden area that is ideal for intimate ceremonies.

Couples will need to make outside arrangements for alcohol and catering when hosting a wedding at Thompson Barn.

#12 — Arterra Event Gallery

Cost: $500 to $2,700
Setting: Modern yet understated indoor event venue
Accommodates: More than 100 guests

The Arterra Event Gallery is located in beautiful Lawrence, and it has a gorgeous blend of modern decorative touches with understated, rustic tones.

The event gallery is a full-service event space ideal for any wedding, and the venue features a full range of audio and visual equipment, a bar area, a dance floor, and many other features that will add to your day. You can also enjoy access to a VIP suite and ample on-site parking.

#11 — Cedar Crest Lodge

Cost: $6,795 to $11,320
Setting: Indoor and outdoor bed and breakfast with a country cottage ambiance
Accommodates: 150 guests

When you decide to get married at the Cedar Crest Lodge in Pleasanton, you will be selecting a gorgeous bed and breakfast venue that is located on 100 acres.

This sprawling setting has ample space available for both indoor and outdoor events, and catering is provided. Some of the outdoor settings available to host your event at include a pecan tree grove with century-old trees, a patio area with well-manicured grass, and more.

#10 — The Wichita Boathouse


Cost: $750 to $4,900
Setting: Historic home with river views
Accommodates: 250 guests

Situated in Wichita, the Wichita Boathouse has the classic charm of a 1920s plantation home with:

  • Wood floors
  • A veranda
  • Grand staircase
  • Impressively landscaped grounds

From some rooms of the home, you can admire views of the Arkansas River, and you can choose to host your event in indoor or outdoor spaces. Couples are responsible for providing their own alcohol and catering, but chairs are provided in your rental cost.

#9 — The Oread

Cost: Varies by space reserved
Setting: Elegant hotel in urban setting
Accommodates: Up to 600 guests

The Oread is an upscale hotel located in Lawrence, and it features numerous indoor and outdoor event spaces that can accommodate both small and large events.

From the verandah terrace with sweeping views of the city to the huge ballroom and cozier smaller event spaces, you have ample rooms to choose from to plan the ideal event.

This venue provides all food, drinks, tables, chairs, electronics, and more.

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#8 — Chrisman Manor

Cost: $2,000 to $4,000
Setting: Rustic farm and barn
Accommodates: More than 200 guests

Chrisman Manor is the ideal wedding location for brides and grooms who are looking for a casual, rustic farm-style venue in Kansas for their big day.

Throughout the stunning grounds, you will find a dedicated barn-style event space, a charming chapel, and numerous sites that are ideal for an outdoor wedding and reception.

Guests can choose to use on-site catering and alcohol service or to hire their own vendors.

#7 — Petroleum Club

Cost: $3,800
Setting: Elegant event space in a historic building
Accommodates: 285 guests

Petroleum Club in Wichita is located in the historic Ruffin Building, which boasts glass and block exterior decor and stands nine stories tall. This club is an indoor event space only, and the grand ballroom area features soaring ceilings with skylights and exposed wood beams, hardwood floors, and beautiful chandeliers.

Catering and alcohol are provided by the Petroleum Club.

#6 — Stony Point Hall

Cost: $2,300 to $3,500
Setting: Event center and banquet hall with classic decor
Accommodates: 299 guests

At Stony Point Hall in Baldwin City, you will find stunning outdoor areas to host your event at as well as a rustic barn and a more elegant indoor banquet area.

This space is designed to give you a blank canvas for your wedding, and there are minimal decorating restrictions at Stony Point Hall. Also, you can choose all of your own vendors to retain full control over your experience on your big day.

#5 — Castle Tea Room


Cost: Varies based on numerous factors
Setting: Historic home with castle-like grandeur
Accommodates: Varies based on indoor or outdoor events

If you are looking for a truly magical and memorable space to host your wedding in Lawrence, the Castle Tea Room is an excellent choice.

Built in 1894, this award-winning historical building was recently renovated, but it continues to retain its classic charm.

You can find elegant, elaborate décor throughout the space, and you can also choose to host your event outdoors on the gorgeous grounds. Because the Castle Tea Room is a popular event space, you will need to make your reservation well in advance.

#4 — Dyck Arboretum of the Plains

Cost: $1,000 to $1,750
Setting: Elegant indoor banquet hall with beautiful outdoor gardens
Accommodates: 300 guests

When you choose to host your wedding and reception at the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains in Hesston, you can host your event indoors in the casually elegant banquet hall or outdoors on the patio overlooking an expansive prairie landscape.

The Dyck Arboretum is a beautiful venue that has classic charm, making it ideal for many wedding themes. Catering and alcohol are not provided with your event rental at Dyck Arboretum of the Plains.

#3 — The Studio @ ILUSION Productions, Inc.

Cost: Varies based on several factors
Setting: Banquet hall with soaring ceilings
Accommodates: More than 200 guests

The Studio at ILUSION Productions, Inc. is a stunning banquet hall in Wichita that is ideal for elegant and sophisticated events.

With its soaring ceilings and stunning décor throughout, minimal decorating is required to create the ideal ambiance for your big day’s festivities.

This venue assigns a coordinator to you after you book the event, and the coordinator will assist with hiring venues to meet your various needs for catering, alcohol, and more.

#2 — Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Cost: $1,795 to $3,595
Setting: Zoo and wildlife park
Accommodates: 500 guests

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is located conveniently only a few minutes outside of Wichita, and it provides you with a truly unique wedding experience.

It is an expansive wildlife park that has reserved spaces for endangered wildlife, and you and your guests will be able to interact with or view some of the animals during the event.

There are multiple indoor spaces where you can host your event at, and outdoor verandas and patios add to your venue options for the ceremony and reception. Catering and alcohol services are not provided by the venue.

#1 — Maceli’s Banquet Hall & Catering


Cost: Varies
Setting: Elegant indoor event space
Accommodates: Up to 400 guests

Maceli’s Banquet Hall & Catering in Lawrence offers a huge banquet hall with elaborate, refined decor on-site, or you can book catering services for any off-site location.

There are numerous wedding packages and menu options to choose from, making it easy for you to stay within your budget when working with this venue and team. Both smaller and larger event rooms are available on-site for you to choose from, and this caterer also works closely with the Castle Tea Room.

Traveling Safely in Kansas


While some couples are lucky enough to live very close to the wedding venue they select, many will need to travel a considerable distance to reach the venue of their choice.

Any time you drive down the road in Kansas, you expose yourself to the risk of potentially being in a car accident. The time to review and update your auto insurance policy is before your big day arrives.

Kansas is a no-fault state, which means that you generally will be responsible for all of your own vehicle repair costs and medical bills except in very serious and expensive accidents.

The state has adopted expansive car insurance requirements that drivers must meet in order to drive legally on Kansas roads, and you need to verify that your existing coverage complies with these guidelines:

  • Bodily injury liability insurance of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability insurance of $25,000 per accident
  • Personal injury protection coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance with limits that coincide with the liability limits described above

Remember that you could be fined or face other penalties if you are caught driving without the proper auto insurance coverage in place.

All drivers should make an effort to review and update their auto insurance policy regularly every six months. By taking this important step, you could potentially identify better rates for car insurance, and you will reduce the risk of being uninsured because of a lapse in coverage.

As you gather online quotes from at least three to four different providers, remember that the insurance companies’ reputation and financial strength are critical factors that you need to review before deciding who to buy your insurance from.

Many auto insurance providers offer a better rate to married couples, and some have a marriage discount that can save you even more money.

In addition, you may save additional money overall when the two of you bundle your coverage together, because you may qualify for multiple policies or multiple drivers discount available through some insurance companies.

As soon as you tie the knot, inform your auto insurance company about your marital status, and consider requesting a few new car insurance quotes to ensure that you have the best rate available on your coverage.

– Steps to Take Before Your Wedding Day

AdobeStock_92667970 (1)-1600x1600(4)

Transportation is an important but often overlooked aspect of wedding day plans. Most brides and grooms will spend at least a small amount of time in a car on their wedding day, and some may travel several hours to the intended destination.

Before your wedding, treat your vehicle to a tune-up to ensure that it runs well on your big day. In addition, outfit your vehicle with an emergency kit so that you are fully prepared for any type of situation that may arrive.

An alternative to driving your own vehicle on your wedding day is to rent a car. For example, you could rent a vintage car or a modern luxury car to correspond with your wedding theme. Regardless of the type of rental that you choose, remember that you need auto insurance on a rental car as well.

Want to make sure you and your car are fully covered the day of the wedding? Enter your ZIP code below and start comparison shopping today!


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