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Here's what you need to know...
  • Kansas drivers must purchase the necessary insurance to remain in compliance with state law
  • Comparison shopping combined with taking advantage of discounts can reduce the costs of quality insurance
  • Maximizing insurance coverage helps improve the chances of being fully financially protected

Careful drivers usually avoid accidents and collision on the road. Even the most careful driver, unfortunately, cannot completely avoid every type of car trouble.

Vehicles can suffer breakdowns, leaving drivers stuck on a lonely stretch of Kansas road. Kansas also faces tornado risks capable of totaling a car.

Kansas residents may put their worries to rest through purchasing a detailed auto insurance policy. Drivers worried about paying a lot for an insurance plan can also relax. Cheap car insurance for Kansas residents might not be too hard to find.

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Auto Insurance Laws in Kansas


Purchasing auto insurance is not optional for drivers in Kansas. The state mandates a minimum amount of coverage.

Drivers, of course, benefit from purchasing more than the minimum amount, but the minimum amount does satisfy state law.

– Basic Auto Insurance Requirements

Kansas’ basic auto insurance requirements are more expansive than other states. The fact Kansas is a no-fault jurisdiction contributes to its unique insurance requirements.

The requirements for insurance in Kansas mandate:

  • Liability Coverage: 25/50/25
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: 25/50
  • Personal Injury Protection: Covers numerous medical, funeral, and lost wages minimum payouts

Drivers can seek to increase their coverage levels. The more coverage in place, the more protected a driver is against personal losses in the event of an accident.

Even though Kansas is a no-fault state, drivers should consider increasing liability protections for maximum coverage.

Drivers in Kansas are also required to carry proof of insurance at all times. Insurance companies provide a printed document that should be kept in the vehicle.

Kansas does fall under the list of states that accept electronic/digital proof of insurance. So, copies of the document can be displayed to law enforcement via a smartphone or other device.

– Penalty for Driving Without Insurance


Kansas takes a dim view on those who violate the law by driving without insurance. A first offense for driving without insurance in Kansas yields a $300 to $1,000 fine and/or up to six months in jail.

Both the driver’s license and registration are suspended until proof of insurance are submitted and a $100 reinstatement fee paid. Proof of insurance must be kept on file with the DMV for one year.

Penalties increase if someone is convicted of a second offense within three years and a third offense within five.

The fine on a second offense increases to between $800 and $2,500 and jail time rises to a maximum of 12 months. Reinstatement fees increase to $300 “if revoked the previous year” for both second and third offenses. Third-time offenders face a revocation of driving privileges.

Driving without insurance is a misdemeanor in Kansas. Those who drive without insurance in the state take a significant legal risk. The risk is unnecessary since purchasing insurance is not difficult even for those with a checkered driving record.

– Comparison Shopping for the Best Policy


Customers seeking an auto insurance policy must examine a few factors before choosing a policy. The financial rating of an insurer, for example, might be ignored by some.

That can be a huge mistake because a company with a weak financial rating might not be on a shaky fiscal footing. A stable, well-managed insurance company would be better primed to pay out settlements when needed.

New customers are not the only ones who benefit from checking out what insurance companies have to offer. Even those who already purchased insurance should request three or four quotes every six months.

By looking at all available options for insurance, a consumer can buy the best possible policy.

Upon looking at the costs and benefits of coverage, a customer can make a decision on what policy to buy. A downpayment activates the policy. Once the policy is active, make all necessary payments on time to avoid cancellation.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Expand the Amount of Coverage on the Policy

Purchasing the state minimum amount for insurance may satisfy legal requirements, but inadequate insurance might create financial problems.

Insurance companies are only required to pay up to their policy limits; anything beyond that amount becomes the responsibility of the insured.

If you are only carrying $50,000 in “per accident” liability coverage, you could be devastated after causing $200,000 in losses.

Although Kansas limits liability claims due to its no-fault status, situations exist in which you can be sued. At least with the right insurance coverage, a settlement could cover those losses.

Purchasing optional insurance coverage absolutely might help further boost protection levels.

Comprehensive and collision coverage, when paired together, could pay for any number of damages inflicted on your vehicle. Even with a deductible, you could save a lot of money after a loss.

What factors influence how much you pay?

Drivers want to buy great insurance, and they also want to save money. Different factors play a role in how much your insurance premium costs. Factors that underwriters look at include:

– Age

Younger drivers have a tendency to take more risks and drive recklessly. A lack of experience also contributes to potential liabilities.

Senior drivers, on the other hand, can be more careful and could even be eligible for special discounts.

– Gender

Male drivers, when younger, may be more of a risk than female drivers. Insurance companies charge accordingly when risks are greater.

So, men may pay a little more for insurance than women over the course of their lifetimes.

– Driving and Credit History


Previous driving citations and a failure to maintain good finances do not reflect well on an applicant. A person with great credit and a clean driving record probably won’t be as much of a claim risk.

So, they pay less on insurance.

– Type of Car

Sports cars cost more to insure than, say, vans. A sports car gains risk points due to the tendency of owners to drive such cars faster.

Insurance companies definitely take the type of car into consideration when setting rates.

Available Discounts for Car Insurance

Insurance companies know customers want to save money on their policies. The companies also wish to attract customers who present less risk and greater responsibility. The following discounts draw in such customers:

  • Experienced driver
  • Good student
  • Good driver
  • Multi-line policy
  • Multi-vehicle policy
  • Driver training course

Customers should definitely inquire about these discounts when looking to purchase insurance. Discounts can cut a lot of money off the price of insurance. If you are eligible for one, take advantage of the deal.

The internet makes locating outstanding deals on car insurance fairly effortless. Kansas residents benefit from requesting numerous quotes online and then reviewing those quotes with a careful eye.

Be just as judicious when selecting a policy. You do want the right one in place.

Start comparison shopping today for better and more affordable car insurance by entering your ZIP code below!

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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